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Linking AMC to Instruction

All AMC assessment results are linked to activities from the Developing Number Concepts series by Kathy Richardson

Number Concepts

3 Part Series and Planning Guide

Grades: K-2

These books present a complete number curriculum for kindergarten through third grade classrooms. They are clearly written and each book provides simple but meaningful activities which give students repeated math experiences. These books present an approach based on years of research by the author on how children learn. They are a must for K-3 teachers of mathematics to meet the needs of all their students.

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DNC series.jpg
What you need to know about...
Chapter Overview
Goals for Children's Learning
Analyzing and Assessing Children's Needs
Classroom Scenes
About the Activities
Teacher Directed Activities
Independent Activities
Blackline Masters

Each Chapter Includes...

by Kathy Richardson

Math Perspectives Teacher Development Center provides teachers of grades K-2 mathematics with the professional development they need as they implement Developing Number Concepts in their classroom. Math Perspectives is dedicated to helping teachers become more knowledgeable both in the mathematics they teach and how children think and learn mathematics.

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Assessing Math Concepts (AMC) is directly correlated to Developing Number Concepts. Kathy Richardson’s ground-breaking work presents teachers with a continuum of assessments that follows the stages of children’s development of math concepts so teachers can identify where children are in their development and provide appropriate instruction and practice.

AMC assessments are based on the premise that teachers will be able to provide more effective instruction and ensure maximum learning for all students when they (teachers) are aware of the steps children progress through as they are developing an understanding of foundational mathematical ideas.

Professional Development

Additional Materials to Support
Number Concepts

DNC Activity Cards

Available for each book, these kits provide the manipulatives, laminated activity cards and dice needed to implement the program.

DNC Dice Kits and Spinners

Customized dice and spinners for Developing Number Concepts.

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