Linking AMC to Instruction

All AMC assessment results are linked to activities from the Developing Number Concepts series by Kathy Richardson

Number Concepts

This series provides a cohesive curriculum for number operations to help young children develop an understanding of and competence in counting, number relationships, addition, subtraction and place value.

Every concept is developed through both teacher-directed and independent activities. Because children learn at different rates, the activities are "expandable," making is easy for teachers to differentiate their instruction. The program is ideal for math intervention programs.

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DNC series.jpg
What you need to know about...
Chapter Overview
Goals for Children's Learning
Analyzing and Assessing Children's Needs
Classroom Scenes
About the Activities
Teacher Directed Activities
Independent Activities
Blackline Masters

Each Chapter Includes...

Additional Items to Support
Number Concepts

DNC Activity Cards

Available for each book, these kits provide the manipulatives, laminated activity cards and dice needed to implement the program.

DNC Dice Kits and Spinners

Customized dice and spinners for Developing Number Concepts.