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Upcoming AMC ONLINE Courses

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(AMC Anywhere)

The online version of AMC simplifies data collection and summarizes results for the teachers. Teachers enter responses and observations from a one-on-one student interview directly into a computer with Internet access. Clear, on-screen prompts in English and Spanish, ensure teachers accurately reflect students' understanding of the concept being assessed. Assessments results are correlated to specific instructional activities from Developing Number Concepts (DNC) by Kathy Richardson.

Assessing Math Concepts (AMC)

Purchase AMC Licenses by calling  360-715-2782 or emailing:

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AMC Anywhere automatically captures data in web-based reports designed to enable teachers to make informed teaching decisions and reach the range of needs in each classroom and ultimately improve math instruction. Administrative reports summarize information by school and provide access to grade level, teacher, and student information.

AMC Online Reporting

Reports for Administrators

Benchmark Report by School, Teacher and Student

Instructional Report by School

Assessment Usage Report by School

Reports for Teachers

Student Progress Report

Student Detail Report

Class Benchmark Report

Class Instruction Report

Class Summary  Report

Purchase AMC Licenses by calling  360-715-2782 or emailing:

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