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Math Perspectives
AMC Professional Development

Math Perspectives Teacher Development Center (MP) is committed to the successful implementation of AMC in the classroom.

MP helps teachers learn how children develop an understanding of math concepts and how to interpret the assessment information they have gathered to inform their instruction for better results.

Teachers will also learn to design differentiated, focused instruction to promote growth and development of the core number concepts.

To make full use of the Assessing Math Concepts assessments to determine and meet the instructional needs of their students, teachers need to understand the development of number concepts, what the information gained from the assessment means, and how to create a learning environment that allows them to meet the range of needs identified.

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Kathy Richardson

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Kathy Richardson, one of the nation’s leading educators of elementary mathematics, is the author and developer of the Assessing Math Concepts series of formative assessments for grades Pre-K to 2+.


She has spent over 40 years teaching classroom teachers, working with elementary students, writing books and articles and developing teacher resource materials. She is the author of over twenty books and recently co-authored Number Talks in the Primary Classroom with Sue Dolphin. Her Developing Number Concepts series of books is used by teachers and school districts nationwide. Her book, How Children Learn Number Concepts: A Guide to the Critical Learning Phases is used in colleges and universities across the country and is a “must have” for elementary teachers and administrators.


Today she continues her study of how young children develop number concepts while working as Program Director of Math Perspectives Teacher Development Center which she co-founded in Bellingham, Washington 1998.

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