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Assessing Math Concepts

in Pre-Kindergarten

The assessments in this resource are uniquely focused on how young children learn number concepts. The four concepts addressed in the PreK assessment include:


*One More/One Less

*Recognizing Small Groups

*Changing Numbers

These simple but informative assessments help teachers gather important data about what each of their students knows and what they need to learn, allowing teachers to meet the diversity of their classrooms. The program includes an assessment guide as well as interview forms for each of the four assessments.

Developing Math Concepts

in Pre-Kindergarten

This book provides teachers with everything they need to understand the teaching of mathematics in the pre-kindergarten classroom. The book is organized according to the key mathematical areas children need to know:

*Numbers                                      *Pattern

*Geometry                                    *Measurement

*Sorting and Classifying        *Data Collection

For each of these areas, activities are provided for circle time, small group and individual instruction. In all, more than 75 activities are included, making this a complete resource for all pre-kindergarten teachers.

Developing Math Concepts

in Pre-Kindergarten

Manipulative Kit

This kit includes all the materials needed for organizing the activities features in the Developing Math Concepts in Pre-Kindergarten book.

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