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Assessing Math Concepts Assessments uncover students' understanding and misconceptions to provide teachers with the information they need to teach for understanding and meet the Common Core State Standards-Math (CCSS-M).

Assessing Math Concepts (AMC) is a continuum of nine assessments that are formative, summative, and diagnostic, and pinpoint what a child knows and still needs to learn. Along with professional development, AMC helps deepen teachers’ understanding of the mathematics they teach.

Assessing for Understanding

These short interview assessments are a cohesive look at the development of students’ understanding of core math concepts.

AMC is the only assessment for grades K-3 that truly uncovers students’ knowledge of key math concepts.

Developer Kathy Richardson identifies the “Critical Learning Phases” that students move through as they develop an understanding of the foundational mathematical ideas they need to know.

The assessments follow the stages of students’ growth through these phases as they learn the core concepts for numbers up to 100.

AMC will ensure students understand the mathematical concepts they need to know in elementary school to be successful in math in middle school and beyond.

AMC and CCSS-Math

The improvements in math education recommended by the Common Core State Standards in mathematics are strongly aligned with Assessing Math Concepts.
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Real Data

The information gathered from the assessments helps teachers pinpoint what each child knows and still needs to learn. They are not about “helping children be right”, but about uncovering their instructional needs.

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Download Assessing for Understanding Brochure | PDF File: 2.6 Mb

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